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Use Case: Social Recruiting

Employee referrals are one of the most effective ways to capture top talent. There are a lot of potential candidates in your existing employees’ networks and your employees are a trusted source of information for their networks. That is why getting employees to share your employer and employee branding content and open positions online is invaluable. Smarp provides an easy way for employees to find about the opportunities in their organization and to share these with their networks.

What is social recruiting?

Social recruiting is about leveraging social media platforms in recruiting. Providing excellent targeting opportunities, social media channels are great channels for advertising jobs. Most of us are present on at least one social media channel, which makes them great places to search and find information about prospective candidates.


Why is social recruiting important?

Reach passive candidates. The candidates you are looking for may not be browsing through job boards and company websites looking for new opportunities. However, they are active on social media and following and engaging with brands.

Contribute to your employer brand. Social media and Employee Advocacy plays a pivotal role in employer branding. Just like your website or business card, your social media presence says a lot about your brand. Companies don’t get to choose the best talent – the talent chooses the best company. To attract the best talent, your employer brand must stand out.

Reach more talent with the help of employee advocacy and social recruiting