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Use Case: Employee Communication

Good employee communication is able to reach all layers and every employee in an organization, easily and in a timely manner. With Smarp all employees stay up-to-date about the latest company and industry news and share knowledge with their colleagues. The difference between outdated intranets and Smarp is that Smarp is available on mobile, and thus it can reach also those without a desk or a company computer.

Why is Good Employee Communication so Important?

Employee communication is directly linked to employee engagement and satisfaction. 46% of people say the overall corporate culture influences their engagement and over 50% of employees say that communication and honesty are key factors to driving engagement (Cisco).

Engaged employees are aligned with their employer’s values and goals, and do their best to work towards those goals. Good engagement covers positive behaviors, attitudes, and interaction deployed every day, and a working model that satisfies both parties’ needs. It’s about adding value all the way. High employee engagement and good employee communication add value to all aspects of an organization. Communication between the employer and employees, and among colleagues can be made better by supporting active conversation and knowledge sharing with modern, easy-to-use employee communication tools.

A free guide on how to boost employee engagement with employee communication tools