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Use Case: Advocacy Marketing

Smarp helps marketing to reach a large and high quality audience in a more trustworthy way – through Employee Advocacy. On average, employees have the potential to reach 10x more people than a company could on social media, just by sharing to their networks. By sending out messages that enhance their own personal as well as their employer’s brand, employees are also increasing the perceived value of their work and maintaining a top-of-mind among their networks.

Why is Advocacy Marketing Important?

There is an increasing demand for authenticity in marketing. People tend to rely more on their family, friends and peers when searching for information to make decisions. Employee-generated word-of-mouth communication has a substantial role in marketing, as it is perceived more credible and trustworthy compared to advertising and marketer-generated content.

The organic reach of company social media pages is continuously declining as social media platforms increasingly limit the organic reach of corporate generated posts. This, together with the growing popularity of ad blockers, has resulted in a major headache for marketers. When content no longer reaches the same audience and ads become ineffective, marketers need to find alternative ways to reach their audiences.

Advocacy marketing is an efficient way to increase the reach and visibility of a brand. While it is a form of spreading content, it is not considered as advertising and thus not blocked by ad blockers. Also, the organic reach of employee-shared content is better compared to content posted by a company, as social media platforms prefer content that is posted by an individual.