Choose the pioneer in Employee Advocacy

Why Smarp

Choose the pioneer in Employee Advocacy

Smarp has more experience in Employee Advocacy than anyone else in the field. We invented the category in 2011 and have expanded from Employee Advocacy to cater to organizations’ all internal and external communication needs through content. We have helped hundreds of clients to launch and scale their employee communication, advocacy and engagement programs. Take a look at what makes Smarp unique in the employee communication space.

The Only Employee Communication App that Puts Employees First

At Smarp, we realize employee advocacy and engagement are only as successful as your employees’ commitment. Smarp’s app has been built with user experience and intuitive design at the core. No other solution provides as much value for the end users as Smarp:

  • All features are extremely easy to find and use, no matter what device you are using.
  • The most advanced gamification features that emphasize quality and engagement.
  • Content curation as it should be: Employees can propose content for their colleagues to discover and share.
  • Statistics for everybody! Smarp’s personal analytics help users to easily track their social media influence.

Smarp apps are designed employees first

Global Presence & Support

Offices in New York, London, Stockholm, Helsinki, Amsterdam, Dubai and Singapore, Smarp provides local support on multiple continents. We are over 20 different nationalities serving you in over 10 languages with local cultural understanding.

Smarp has global presence

Most Scalable Structure

Smarp is the employee communication solution for all kinds of businesses. Our unique Hub & Spoke model allows to influence and measure on a global scale, while enabling local management of content. In effect, the model allows you to mirror your organizational structure into Smarp, making sure the right content reaches the right employees at the right time.

Smarp Hub & Spoke Visualization:
Global Employee Advocacy Management

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Enterprise-Level Security

Smarp is committed to keeping its information assets secure. In order for us to protect our clients’ information, privacy and integrity of exchanged data:

ISO 27001 Certified Employee Advocacy Provider

Request a Demo to learn more about the features that only Smarp provides:

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