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Emma Stone in Salve Regina University, Newport, RI, USA


Rob Kardashian in Malibu, CA, USA

Rob Kardashian spotted in Malibu at family’s beach house…

Samuel L. Jackson in Piccadilly, London, UK

Just seen Samuel L Jackson walking down Piccadilly. He was wearing a bucket hat and totally pulling it off. #icon

Christina Milian and Lil Wayne in Los Angeles, CA, USA

Just Friends? Lil Wayne & Christina Milian Spotted on Date in LA (@christinamilian @liltunechi) via @vladtv

Trey Songz in Chicago, IL, USA


Drake in Mississauga, Toronto, ON, Canada

Drake, OB, and Mark spotted today at Tim Horton's in Mississauga.

Victoria Beckham in New York City, NY, USA

Photo : khsophia: Victoria Beckham spotted in NY wearing a piece from her own collection during NYFW.

Michelle Obama in Washington D.C., DC, USA

Flotus: Michelle Obama Spotted Doing 'Gnarliest' DC Workout #racked

Taylor Swift in Manhattan, NY, USA

spotted: @taylorswift13 com sua bolsa kate spade new york favorita à tiracolo em manhattan! ->

Bradley Cooper in Portobello Market, Kensington, London, UK

Spotted, Bradley Cooper filming at Portobello Market!

Usain Bolt in Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Emma just told me she saw Usain Bolt and I nearly wept with jealousy. Turns out she was playing a CRUEL JOKE.

Joey Essex in Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Mate I just saw Joey Essex for real!!!!!!!!

Taylor Swift in Soho, New York, NY, USA

Taylor Swift is spotted heading home after a workout on July 29, 2014 in New York City!

Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber in Ibiza, Spain

Celebs and news Orlando Bloom & Justin Bieber Fight in Ibiza - Video (Report) - Just Jared: Just JaredOrlando ...

Selena Gomez in ArcLight Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Celebrity News: Selena Gomez Attending The Premiere of “Behaving Badly” in Los Angeles, CA. (July 29)...

Selena Gomez in Los Angeles, CA, USA

#Hollywood #Celebrity Selena Gomez Attending The Premiere of “Behaving Badly” in Los Angeles, CA. (July 29)

Rihanna in JFK International Airport, Jamaica, NY, USA

Rihanna spotted in JFK airoport in NYC

Cristiano Ronaldo in Dallas, TX, USA

Like my friends just saw Christiano Ronaldo today in Dallas. #jealous

Sean Combs in Ibiza, Spain

starrockclothing: P Diddy in Ibiza wearing “Dope Bear” t-shirt! P Diddy AKA “Puff Daddy” was spotted wearing …

Taylor Swift in New York City, NY, USA

Photoset: Taylor Swift is spotted heading home after a workout on July 29, 2014 in New York City

Maya Rudolph and Jennifer Lopez in Sunset Tower Hotel, Los Angeles, CA, USA

JLo & Maya Rudolph sighting at Sunset Tower Hotel #BackinCali #girlfriends #sogorgeous

Bradley Cooper in London, UK

Bradley Cooper spotted flipping burgers in London Burger King. Yes, really.

Justin Timberlake in Los Angeles, CA, USA

@41DMBPhotog @jtimberlake saw him here in LA back in January, amazing. Just amazing!! Enjoy!

Cristiano Ronaldo in Texas, USA

Spotting Ronaldo in Texas is like spotting bigfoot! Made my day that he was there! #HalaMadrid #Ronaldo

Lindsay Lohan and Justin Bieber in Amnesia Ibiza, San Rafael, Spain

Just seen Lindsey Lohan cunted in Amnesia, Bieber was there as well as much as I hate the cunt he is a baller