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Neymar da Silva in Barcelona, Spain

@NiallOfficial omg dit you just met neymar from barcelona omg i love it

Evangeline Lilly and Craig Ferguson in CBS Television City, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Just saw an Evangeline Lilly interview on Craig Ferguson. I am no longer gay. #SheElf

Andy Carroll in Harrods, London, UK

Just saw Andy Carroll outside Harrods. Big lad.

Lily Allen in West Ham Station, London, UK

I could have sworn that I just saw Lily Allen at West Ham station

Russell Brand in Columbia Rd, London, UK

“@ShoreditchHype: Russell Brand spotted at the Columbia Road market #shoreditch” Keep your eyes peeled LADIES...

Garry Birtles in Long Eaton, UK

Just saw Gary birtles casually strolling through long eaton #asyoudo

Rich Hall in Crewe Rail Station, Crewe, UK

Just saw Rich Hall in Crewe Station...

Luis Suarez in Liverpool, UK

Striker Luis Suarez, 27, was spotted making a miraculous recovery in Liverpool's victory over Norwich, seconds...

Vin Diesel in Dubai, UAE

Paul Walker's brother spotted in #Dubai; Vin Diesel's Fast & Furious 7 in #AbuDhabi. #UAE

Luis Suarez in Norwich, UK

Luis Suarez was spotted making a miraculous recovery in win at Norwich, seconds after writhing around in agony from a Leroy Fer tackle.

Azealia Banks in Yorkshire, UK

i legit just saw azealia banks at a carboot in yorkshire

Mos Def in Cape Town, South Africa

@taelot I will see your sun rise and raise you a Mos Def sighting in Cape Town.

French Montana in Casablanca, Morocco

French Montana just landed in my city Casablanca tho.

Daft Punk in Coachella Music Festival, Indio, CA, USA

Was Daft Punk spotted at @coachella?! Or were we trolled? See for yourself: via @FistInTheAir

Vanessa Hudgens in Indio, CA, USA

Vanessa Hudgens Sighting: Indio, California/ Coachella @VanessaHudgens

Austin Butler in Indio, CA, USA

Austin Butler Sighting: Indio, California/ Coachella

John Mayer in Melbourne, VIC, Australia

harroldsaus's photo John Mayer spotted out shopping in Melb ??

Ajay Devgan in Mumbai, India

Ajay Devgan spotted on the set of #SinghamReturns in the crowded streets of Mahim in Mumbai. Twiiter - ItsRahulraz

Hugh Grant in Christchurch, UK

Hugh Grant spotted in Christchurch. Paul's playing Jump, Pointer Sisters, in case he fancies a bit of a boogie...

Courtney Friel in Philadelphia, PA, USA

@RalphGarman that was the end of our newscast + I did not tell our weather guy to do that! Be nice to a Philly girl :)

Priyanka Chopra in State of Manipur, India

@PCFB @andaaz9 Unseen Pics:Beautiful Priyanka Chopra spotted with fans in Manipur 1) (cont)

Kim Kardashian in California, USA

Kim K Spotted in California on Easter Sunday for a workout with daughter North

Brandon Jennings in Crenshaw, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Just met Brandon Jennings who plays for the Bucks on Crenshaw... Had to get this picture for motivation.

Priyanka Chopra in Manali, India

@PCFB @andaaz9 Unseen Pics:Beautiful Priyanka Chopra spotted with fans in Manali 1) (cont)

Dianna Agron in Roxy Theatre, West Hollywood, CA, USA

Álbum de fotos: gleekoutbr: Dianna Agron seen leaving the Amber Riley concert at the Roxy in West...