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Ashley Greene in Los Angeles Int'l Airport, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Ashley Greene spotted last night at LAX in her My Tribe leather jacket!!! #agentred #fashion #mytribe

Penn Badgley in Brooklyn, NY, USA

My brother just told me he saw penn Badgley in Brooklyn and said he comes into his job all the time

Sofia Richie in Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA, USA


Andy Brickley in Granite Links Golf Club, Quincy, MA, USA

Just saw Andy Brickley at Granite Links driving range

Emma Stone in Venice Beach Boardwalk, Venice Beach, CA, USA

yo celebrity sighting: emma stone at the venice boardwalk

LeAnn Rimes in Vancouver, BC, Canada

Beautiful night to play Vancouver!

Angelyne in Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Angelyne sightings in Ventura are becoming more frequent. I DEMAND @sblackmoore collect her and return her to Hollywood

Trent Dilfer in San Diego, CA, USA

So my dad just met Trent Dilfer

Peter King in San Diego, CA, USA

And that is someone reporting live from San Diego.

Craig Robinson in George Bush Intercontinental Airport, Houston, TX, USA

Just saw Craig Robinson at the Houston airport

5 Seconds of Summer in Texas, USA

reported 5sos sightings in Texas via insider

5 Seconds of Summer in Houston, TX, USA

Attention @5SOS have just landed in houston oh my god

Jerry Springer in Sarasota, FL, USA

Bahaha just saw Jerry Springer in downtown Sarasota

Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez in Atlanta, GA, USA

Meanwhile...just saw Stevie J and Joseline Benihana.

Ryan Sheckler in Virginia Beach, VA, USA

hmhill25 and I just met Ryan Sheckler in Virginia Beach ???????? @ Mahi Mah's

Stefan Frei in Seattle, WA, USA

just saw Stefan frei at the metro market in seattle!!!!

Nick Cannon in New York City, NY, USA

EXCLUSIVE: ***PREMIUM RATES APPLY*** Nick Cannon Spotted in NYC for the First Time Since Divorce Rumors, Keeps...

Eddie Money in Wrigley Field, Chicago, IL, USA

Just met Eddie Money outside Wrigley Field! #2tickets2paradise

Kim Kardashian in Los Angeles, CA, USA

Kim K Spotted Out & About in L.A.

John Mellencamp in Santa Fe, NM, USA

Just saw John Mellencamp at Santa Fe...dude looks so rough.

Jason Isbell in North Adams, MA, USA

@marcmaron just saw jason isbell in north Adams mass amazing show brought back memories of your interview. Double happiness

Uma Thurman in Christopher Street, New York, NY, USA

Just saw Uma Thurman, damn she's fine in real life.... — at Christopher Street

Jennette McCurdy in Studio City, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Jennette McCurdy is spotted out and about in Studio City, California on August 21, 2014

Chloe Moretz in New York City, NY, USA

What about Brooklyn, Chloe! Chloe Moretz was spotted walking hand-in-hand in New York with rumoured boyfriend...

Cara Delevingne in New York City, NY, USA

Cara Delevingne spotted out for a stroll in New York City, New York on August 21, 2014.