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Chuck Todd in NBC's Studio 1A, New York, NY, USA

Busy day here in Tokyo for POTUS but Ukraine issue trails him. More on @todayshow in mins including my sitdown with Caroline Kennedy.

Eric Bristow in Wetherspoons, Liverpool, UK

Just saw Eric Bristow in Manchester at wetherspoons in the print works, smashing pints for fun ahead of premier league darts on Manchester!

Norah O'Donnell in CBS Broadcast Center, New York, NY, USA

Coming up on @CBSThisMorning: @charliecbs @MajorCBS @annawerner @MeganGlaros @jillonmoney @markstrassman @benstracy @MoRocca #newsisback

Nick Clegg in Chelmsford, Essex, UK

Just saw nick clegg duck off a train at chelmsford, didnt even get a chance to thank him on behalf of ukip!

Mila Kunis in Los Angeles, CA, USA

SPOTTED: Mila Kunis looking glowing as she left a pilates studio yesterday in Los Angeles...

Olamide in Ekiti State, Nigeria

Baddo ! Olamide spotted with Ekiti State Governor

Nani in Clacton-on-Sea, UK

Just seen my nani in the clacton gazette :)

Aled Jones in Croatia

On my way to Croatia!! Woo-hoo!

Zac Efron in Radio 1, London, UK

Great start to the day. Just seen Zac Efron leaving @BBCR1

Alan Sugar in BBC Radio 5 Live, London, UK

Tune into Radio 5 Live @bbc5live now to hear @DrLeahTotton discussing the cosmetic industry and popularity of treatments.

Lemar in Wolverhampton, UK

My Son Lemar has just saw his Dream Car a Lamborghini in the Streetz of Wolverhampton he said Dad Oh…

Rick Ross in Charles De Gaulle Airport, Roissy, France

I think I just saw Rick Ross in the Paris airport

Charles Saatchi in Kings Road, London, UK

wahey just saw charles saatchi on the kings road

Chris Ellis in Boracay Island, Philippines

@dbuzzketball chris ellis spotted in Boracay today.

Hugh Laurie in Newcastle, South Africa

Swear I just saw Hugh Laurie riding a bike through Newcastle

Ken Ghosh in Mumbai, India

Its not low voter turnout in Mumbai, high rate of name not on voter list... Entire buildings not featuring in list.

Danny Masterson in Chicago, IL, USA

De nada! RT @Jason: Wow... There was a tom petty festival called #pettyfest in Chicago tonight and I had no idea! Thanks dannymasterson

David Lynch in Ashfield, PA, USA

woah just saw David Lynch driving a bus in Ashfield

Katy Perry in Soho, New York, NY, USA

Celeb sighting! Katy Perry - Singer struts her green 'do while in SoHo.

Park Ji Sung in London Gatwick Airport, London, UK

Ha my step dad just met Ji sung park at gatwick apparently

Soulja Boy in Vancouver, BC, Canada

Just saw Soulja boy's tour bus in Vancouver !!!!!

Lana Del Rey in Beverly Hills, CA, USA

Set de fotos: life-imitates-lana: Lana Del Rey spotted at Beverly Hills (August 22 2013) [x]

Rowan Atkinson in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Isnt this mr.Bean car?! :o Just saw it next to the company in #Riyadh in #Nahda !!

Criss Angel in Luxor Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, NV, USA

Just saw Criss Angel Mind Freak at the Luxor Hotel. Unbelievable. #Mindblown ??????????????

Josh Sussman in Los Angeles, CA, USA

Just saw Josh Sussman at sushi in LA!! #lifemade