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Reboot your professional communication with advocacy.

Welcome to Smarp

Smarp is a tool for discovering and sharing content relevant to your profession. By sharing insights and value-adding content to your networks, you increase your professional brand and get recognition for your work. With Smarp, you can easily and safely share content to your network. At the same time, you are helping your employer to increase the reach of communications, while improving the brand you represent together. We are glad you are here and wish you a pleasant journey on your way to become an employee advocate!

Why should I advocate for my employer?

Smarp - Employee Advocacy Benefits for Employees

From Invitation to Sharing

Accepting the invitation. Smarp is based on invitations. Every user receives an invitation including a login link. By opening the login link, you gain your first access to the platform. The invitation links expire after the first click. If your invitation has expired, you may request a new login link by clicking “Login with Email” from your home instance ( Login with email Connecting social media accounts. When you access Smarp for the first time, a tutorial walks you through the basics. After you close the tutorial, Smarp suggests you connect your preferred social media accounts. After you have authorized Smarp to recognize your social accounts, you can start logging in with your existing accounts. By authorizing Smarp for your social accounts, you grant yourself permission to share content to your accounts in for example Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Connect social medea accounts Security notice. Smarp does not share anything to social media on your behalf or without actions you’ve taken. Neither does Smarp store or have access to your login credentials.

Login. Smarp does not require a username or a password. Once you have connected a social network to the platform, you are able to login using the connected social accounts. Login buttons

Discovering content

On the post feed, you will find the current content available for sharing and browsing. By clicking the post title, a post preview window opens. In the preview, you can view the content and see whether it would be valuable for your network. In order to find the content that is of most interest to you and your network, you may filter the post feed by tags. Filtering by a tag shows only content relating to a specific subject. The social icons indicate to which networks you are able to share the post. Numbers state how many points you will gain for sharing the post. By clicking the icon, the share window opens. User's postfeed


Smarp wants to make sharing as easy as possible. You can share from multiple locations, including digest emails, post feed, post preview and mobile applications. You can share wherever you see a social icon. Once you click an icon, a share window opens.

Smarp's share modal
In the share window, you get to draft the post. Personalize your message to sound authentic and to engage your network. After you have tailored your message to your preference, you can either share the post right away or schedule the share for a later.

Smarp's share modal with comment

Proposing content

We are all overwhelmed by the amount of content available. Interesting news, articles, good stories and funny videos have taken over the Internet. It has been stated that content matters more now, than it has ever before. By proposing content, you can bring the valuable pieces you encounter at your colleagues disposal. Letting your co-workers enjoy and consume the stories you find important, is a good way to build common ground and share knowledge.

Proposing content is as easy as Copy and Paste:

  1. Copy a content link, and paste it to the url bar on top of your Smarp post feed
  2. Click Propose button to send content for your Admins approval.
If approved, the content will be published for your colleagues to be shared and you will receive points for the proposal.

Propose post box  

Inviting colleagues

The power of employee advocacy relies in collaboration. Get your colleagues on board and share the best content, tips and practices with them. In order to invite a colleague, you need to navigate to “Invite colleagues” and click the link. Once clicked, an invitation box appears. Here, just type in your colleagues email address, modify the invitation message and click Invite.

Invitation modal for user  

See how you rank - Leaderboards

Leaderboards show the TOP10 performers in a given time. If you haven’t yet made it to the TOP10, you will see your rank among your colleagues below the leaderboard. Leaderboards are for fun so don’t take them too seriously! It is a cool way to keep yourself active and track how you have done as an employee advocate in comparison to your peers. Share the tips on how to maximize your impact and make TOP10 a common objective!



Under perks you can reclaim rewards and participate to polls your employer might have set up. When you reach an amount of points a reward requires, you are able to claim a reward. When you claim a reward, the amount of points the reward requires is reduced from your total points.

Rewards for user  


Dashboard shows a more detailed overview on how your network has reacted to your sharing. Here you get to see the traction you generated post by post.

Personal settings

In personal settings, you can manage which social accounts you want to associate to Smarp. Connect your preferred networks, and keep the ones disconnected you don’t want to use. Under personal settings, you may also adjust the digest email frequency. Pick the dates and preferred times you want receive a digest email regarding newly created posts.

User's Dashboard  

Mobile Apps

Take Smarp with you wherever you go. The same Smarp features are also available on mobile.


(Smarp iOS app)

Post feed
  1. Scroll down and up, to discover the latest breaking news
  2. tap a post image or title to learn more about the content
  3. click the social icons to share post -settings.

SmarpShare iOS app - Postfeed

Share post - Choose the networks to which you want to share, type a sharing message, share to impress.
SmarpShare iOS app - Share post

Leaderboard. Compare how you rank against your colleagues.
SmarpShare iOS app - Leaderboard

My Stats - Take a look how your shared posts are performing.
SmarpShare iOS app - My Stats

Me - A summary about everything you have done on Smarp.

    Here you can view:
  • How many points you have gathered
  • The total number of the posts you have shared, and the clicks and reactions generated
  • The individual posts you have shared and scheduled

SmarpShare iOS app - Me


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