Learn about the features that make Smarp the perfect employee communication app

Smarp Features

Smarp brings employees and professional content together. Learn about the core features and functionalities that make Smarp the leading employee communication app.

News feed

The News feed is where the magic happens. Smarp enables organizations to quickly create, schedule and publish content for their employees to discover and share. In the News Feed:

Smarp News feed is where the magic happens

Regular Users

  • Discover the latest company news and industry trends
  • Share inspiring content to their social networks and beyond
  • Create and propose content for others to find
  • Bookmark content to build a personalized archive
  • Filter and organize content by topics
  • Engage with other users by commenting and interacting with posts

Admin Users

  • Create posts from external links or produce original content
  • Schedule or publish content for internal use and external sharing
  • Edit and organize content
  • Distribute content for relevant target audiences
  • Automatically pull in content from company social media pages and other sources like RSS feeds



Engaging your advocates can be done in many ways. Smarp’s Gamification features make participation fun, engaging, and rewarding.

Employees Can

  • Compete with their colleagues and get their place on leaderboards
  • Collect points and use them to donate money to charities or claim rewards
  • Challenge themselves to become influencers and see how their professional influencer index evolves

The best in class gamification features



Measure the impact of your social efforts.

Company Analytics

Smarp’s company-level analytics give accurate, actionable insights about user engagement. The company analytics help admins to identify the most influential users and the best performing content and showcase the earned media value and increased return on content marketing. What’s more, Smarp integrates with Google Analytics and other online marketing tools, which makes it is possible to track how Smarp and Employee Advocacy generated traffic and conversions compare to other online traffic sources.

Personal Analytics

Smarp personal analytics and insights tools are designed to drive engagement and help employees to create value for themselves, their networks and their employer. Personal insights enable employees to easily track the performance of shared content across social networks, while SmarpScore – the world’s first professional influencer index – makes it easy to measure how professional influence progresses over time. Instead of the amount of activity, SmarpScore emphasizes influence, and thus, helps employees to improve their social sharing performance.


Supported Networks

In order for our customers to achieve the best possible results with Employee Advocacy, we recognize that we need to support the right networks for various different local markets. Currently, the Smarp portfolio of supported social networks includes:


Smarp supported networks: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Viadeo, WeChat, Weibo, Xing, + Many More

Want to go beyond social media? Smarp also comes with Universal Sharing Links that enable sharing and tracking content everywhere.


Mobile Apps

Smarp is available as a native Android and iOS app as well as a fully responsive browser app.

Smarp Mobile Apps

Smarp iOS app Smarp Android app

Not all employees have company computers, but almost everyone has a smartphone. Unlike traditional content hubs, Smarp comes in all shapes and sizes. With Smarp’s mobile apps, companies can push content directly to their employees’ smartphones and make sure employees are always well informed and up to date. The Smarp app does not require a company computer, and thus all employees are able to benefit from it, regardless of whether they work in an office or are on the go.



Smarp Integrates with hundreds of other services! Each and every company is unique and the way things are done vary from organization to organization. We get it! That’s why Smarp integrates with the favorite content management and publishing tools people are already using in their organizations.

Smarp Integrations

Stay ahead of the #EmployeeAdvocacy curve.

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