Top Spotting: Eminem in Dauphin, PA, USA

Spotted Eminem in dauphin today @Grammer23 #spittinrhymes http://t.co/AI5sbgZnus

by Lomscrest    1 year ago

Eminem in Leeds Festival, Leeds, England, UK

Just remembering that time I saw Eminem at Leeds Fest..........wow did that actually happen

Eminem in Nokia Theater, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Just seen eminem and rihannas performance at the mtv movie awards... Wow that was horrendous

Eminem in Nokia Theater, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Just saw eminem perform live at the mtv awards now I wanna go to the monster tour in Detroit someone take me

Eminem in Crosby, UK

Just saw Eminem in Crosby!

Eminem in Mercer Mall, Bluefield, WV, USA

just saw eminem at the mercer mall

Eminem in Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA, USA

@TomSandoval1 @twschwa pretty sure I just saw eminem acting like a douche in hollywood

Eminem in Texas, USA

Just saw Eminem at the candy shop!

Eminem in African Continent

Elton told me about his foundation helping so many in S. Africa! Honored to be here, please follow @ejaf and RT to help.

Eminem in Cape Town, South Africa

Oh. Just saw Eminem in Cape Town. No biggie

Eminem in Cape Town, South Africa

So Eminem just landed in Cape Town, here to everyone in SA who saw him before me: Fuck u all muthafukkaz, fukk... http://t.co/FLVoMxuZSi

Eminem in Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane Suncorp stadium, QLD, Australia

@samosmond2I just saw Eminem at Rapture in Brisbane and was thinking of @RonnieRadke the whole time. I'd take you man http://t.co/34WzqhDnY4

Eminem in Ireland

@Eminem #Rapture lastnight was unbelievable! 10 years since I saw him in Ireland an yeah there were tears for #loseyourself . love this man!

Eminem in Sydney, NSW, Australia

Just saw Eminem perform Lose Yourself...#LifeComplete

Eminem in Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane Suncorp stadium, QLD, Australia

@matty_selley No, I just saw Eminem live. Sickest!

Eminem in Australia

Just seen eminem live in Australia !!!! Quite possibly one off theeeeee best nights off my life !!!!!

Bruno Mars and Eminem in O2 Arena, London, UK

Missing the game and just seen Bruno mars beat eminem to an award fuck my fucking life

Eminem in Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Eminem spotted in melb city #yofifi

Eminem in Detroit, MI, USA

Just seen Eminem at Walmart! #Detroit

Eminem in Melbourne, VIC, Australia


Eminem in Bath, UK

Its 3am in the morning I dont know how to empty the bath. I just saw Eminem and he killed it, killed it awahhh

Eminem in Penn State University, University Park, PA, USA

Eminem has been spotted at PSU

Eminem in Provo, UT, USA

Just saw Eminem on a bus in Provo #livetweet

Eminem in Portsmouth, UK

just saw eminem in Portsmouth though

Eminem in 8 Mile Rd W, Detroit, MI, USA

Just saw eminem south of 8 mile!!!

Eminem in Los Angeles, CA, USA