Celebrity Spotting: Ted Danson in Nashville, TN, USA

Just spotted Ted Danson in the Gulch.

by JasonC723    2 years ago

Ted Danson in W 3rd Street, New York, NY, USA

Just saw an emaciated Ted Danson on 3rd St riding a scooter. #WhatGives #Cheers

Ted Danson in Monte Carlo, Monaco

#spotted ted danson in monte carlo #monaco #tipsytravel #tipsyteam #TipsyInMonaco http://t.co/pQyNGvlyOo

Ted Danson in Heathrow Terminal 5, Houslow, UK

@kirstiealley saw Ted Danson today in T5 Heathrow. Looked very well. #Cheers #CSI

Ted Danson in Monaco

Just spotted Ted Danson in our Monaco hotel lobby... http://t.co/ifkLIYrIi5

Ted Danson in Valencia, Santa Clarita, CA, USA

Pretty sure I just saw Ted Danson. 0.o

Ted Danson in Brighton, UK


Ted Danson in Sundance Resort, Provo, UT, USA

Bumped into Ted Danson st Sundance ski resort, dude looks old.

Ted Danson in Universal Studios, Universal City, CA, USA

Just bumped into Ted Danson on the Universal Lot. No wonder, CSI is shooting next door to us. CHEERS!

Ted Danson in Sundance Film Festival, Park City, UT, USA

Spotted: Ted Danson walking into the #AcuraLounge. #Sundance2014

Ted Danson in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Just bumped into Ted Danson..... he was high as a kite! Amsterdam baby baby!

Ted Danson in Los Angeles, CA, USA

I just literally bumped into Ted Danson.

Ted Danson in Quicken Loans Arena, Cleveland, OH, USA

I think I just saw Ted Danson in the crowd #RAW

Celebrity HotSpot: Ted Danson in Vancouver, BC, Canada

just saw ted danson sitting outside home depot eating a hot dog. life is beautiful.

Top Spotting: Ted Danson in Henry St, Brooklyn, NY, USA

@misslo Steve just informed me he saw Ted Danson casually strolling down Henry Street today. Nice addition to the neighborhood!

Top Sighting: Ted Danson in Houston, TX, USA

And.....for a little star sighting, Ted Danson is sitting next to me.

Celebrity Location: Ted Danson in San Diego, CA, USA

Just saw Ted Danson. #DFW

New Celebrity Located: Ted Danson in Joliet, IL, USA

I think I just saw Ted Danson on houbolt rd #joliet #HollywoodintheChi

Real Time Sightings: Ted Danson in Wehr Chem Building, Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI, USA

I think I just saw Ted Danson walking past Raynor on my way to Wehr Chem.

Celebrity Spotting: Ted Danson in Burbank, CA, USA

@reggiewatts Saw Ted Danson in a top hat just for a second there.

Celebrity Check-In: Ted Danson in Olney, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Just saw Ted Danson riding his bike on Olney Ave.

Just Reported: Ted Danson in The Patterson House, Nashville, TN, USA

I think I just saw Ted Danson walk into Patterson House #random #cheers

Latest Spotting: Ted Danson in Anchorage, AK, USA

@bridgetglee I bumped into Ted Danson in Anchorage, Alaska. Not quite in the same league, but still...

Just Spotted: Ryan Gosling and Ted Danson in East Village, New York, NY, USA

Good for NY celebrity spotting: Ryan Gosling in E Village, looking grungy, and Ted Danson sitting in front of me at theatre.

New Celebrity Located: Ted Danson in California, USA

Just saw Ted Danson driving through Soviet Monica in his hybrid car. Leftist moron.

Celebrity Sighting: Ted Danson in Richardson, TX, USA

fairly uncertain I just saw Ted Danson driving in Richardson