This is a company called Smarp

This is Smarp

There's no business like Smarp business! Learn the cornerstones of our company.

Smarp started as a social media consulting company in 2011 with a heavy focus on professional branding and the role of the employees on social media. Through working with various clients from several different industries, we realized there are multiple business benefits for individuals for being more active on social media. We also learned that employees’ social media networks are usually 10-15 larger than corporate social media accounts and that messages from employees are far more trustworthy than communications from the company.

Excited by this discovery, we wanted to create a solution that is mutually beneficial for both employees and employers. The idea of an employee advocacy platform was born and we started working on our own platform user experience and intuitive design at the core. Today, we help employees become influencers as well as help companies achieve their own goals on digital by humanizing brands through Employee Advocacy.


Here’s what we stand for

Smarp - Mission

Our Mission

”Make Knowledge Sharing Simple and Rewarding”

Smarp -  Vision

Our Vision

”Inspire Every Professional to Be an Influencer”

Smarp - Values

Our Values

  1. Take initiative and ownership – get shit done and be accountable
  2. Fear of missing out instead of fearing of failure
  3. Work smart – go for what has the highest impact with the least effort/time
  4. Be a team player, collaborate, have fun
  5. Get out of your comfort zone

Smarp - Motto

Our Motto

”Humanizing Brands”



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