The Challenge

Inbound marketing and marketing automation are rapidly growing megatrends, and in late 2014 and early 2015 ZEF was transitioning their sales and marketing approach from outbound to smartbound. The company was actively looking for solutions that would help them to get more visibility for their content and generate inbound leads. As part of this process, the company also wanted to activate their employees on social media and encourage them to start building their thought leadership.

The Solution

ZEF first heard about Smarp through a recommendation that encouraged them to try the platform out. The company immediately saw the benefits of an Employee Advocacy tool for their communications and decided to get on board.

Smarp’s introduction and implementation was extremely easy. ZEF simply communicated to their people what Smarp is and why they were about to use such a service. They sent out invitations to join the platform, after which people started experimenting with it. That’s it!
According to Maria Lahtinen, ZEF’s Service Director, “using Smarp is really simple and intuitive. No one needed instructions on how to use the platform. “After registering to the service, you simply start using it”. She adds that it would be an instant turn-off, if users had to be instructed on how to use the app.