The Challenge:

The recruitment and staffing industry has been in flux since the birth of the industry, and the digital era calls for more brand awareness than ever before. The rapidly changing business environment is also forcing companies to continuously search for better ways to support their business targets. Recruitment and staffing are all about attracting and engaging the best talent in the field. Opteam realized that in order to succeed, they needed to find ways to do it better than their competitors.

The Solution:

Change took place in the spring of 2014 when Opteam revamped their new intranet, created their very first digital strategy and introduced guidelines for social media participation. Opteam soon realized that there is enormous untapped potential and studied various alternatives to find the right way to reach their audience. During the process, Opteam evaluated many different platforms and vendors, including PR and communications agencies. After a thorough research, they encountered Smarp, and immediately fell in love.  Of all the available options, Employee Advocacy seemed to be the best match for Opteam. Smarp was officially launched in the company in the spring of 2015.