The Challenge

Before embarking on the Employee Advocacy journey, it was clear that LR Senergy, a consultancy and software provider to the energy sector needed some more brand visibility and getting more out of their content. The company operates in a very knowledge-intensive sector and has a very strong technical workforce. It had a pool of content, but no platform for spreading the information it knew its customers were already looking for – information that is highly valuable in making an informed decision on which software to buy. LR Senergy, which started the pilot, is a division of Lloyd’s Register, a major provider of risk management services in the energy industry, and it is now undergoing a full integration with this bigger company. This has provided a new challenge: keeping customers and everyone in the new company also up-to-date on their products and services.

The Solution

LR Senergy needed a platform for systematically sharing relevant information to their customers, and driving people to their website. Smarp was the only provider that allowed the company to test Employee Advocacy out for a short period of time and help them see what content worked well. The company now had the perfect opportunity to invest, not only in the quantity but also the quality of the content they produced and in really targeting that content at their core market.