The Challenge

Jabra, a major operator in electronics, was originally founded in USA in the early 1990s. It has since been purchased by GN Netcom, a division of the Danish GN Great Nordic, dating back to 1869. Jabra is one of the world’s leading providers of wireless and corded headsets. Jabra describes itself as a company with a lot of heritage, with some previous reluctance and uncertainty among employees in terms of social media.

Before Smarp, the company was producing plenty of content across its platforms, but in silos and with many different objectives. It needed a way to disrupt the cycle of not getting the content through to relevant audiences and engaging people.

The Solution

Jabra trialed an Employee Advocacy program to tackle problems of streamlining the company’s content production. Smarp was chosen for its easy use. It had an intuitive set-up that, nevertheless, also had enough complexity behind it from an admin’s perspective. It provided the perfect opportunity for establishing a common social media guideline for employees and verifying the company’s social media presence.