The Challenge

During the recent economic downturn in Finland, it became apparent that Finnish SMEs need a strong collaborator providing internationalization services to drive growth. In order to better serve this purpose, Finpro radically changed its way of working. The organization focused its efforts on providing SMEs with information and advice on internationalization and identifying new business opportunities. At the beginning of 2014, Finpro sold its chargeable consulting services and started to offer its services free of charge. However, the new situation caused Finpro a problem: How could they promote services without a sales team and build relationships with the clientele? How could they increase awareness and promote new services without an existing sales function?

The Solution

Luckily Finpro advisors deal with key stakeholders every day, and the organization soon kicked off their Employee Advocacy program. Finpro understood that the primary need is to ensure that the basics are in place; people have to be confident with social media and know how to use it for their purposes. Hence, the first task was to organize LinkedIn training. By training the employees, Finpro also delivered the message “You are important to us, we need you!” Finpro also highlighted the importance of online presence for advisors’ personal brands and business success. Thereby, every advisor has a personal incentive to be active on social media and share engaging professional content.