The Challenge

Social media has become an integral part of any business, and it is full of opportunities for sales professionals. When it comes to sales, social media is very handy in terms of creating awareness, maintaining top of mind, personal branding and lead generation. Back in 2014 DNA was looking for solutions to activate their corporate sales people on social media. DNA acknowledged that their people should be equipped with the proper tools and skills to meet the demands of the modern business life.

DNA understood that the social media skills of their corporate sales people varied a lot – others were social media natives, while others were not yet that familiar with the topic. In order to be successful with the initiative, they needed to first ensure that everybody had sufficient skills to act on social media.

The Solution

In the autumn 2014 DNA launched their Social Selling program in the Corporate business organization. The initiative started with a series of social media and social selling training to get people on the same page. At the time, they were introduced to Smarp. DNA immediately saw a link between Employee Advocacy and their social selling initiative. Because DNA produces a lot of content, they recognized that the Employee Advocacy solution enables them to easily curate content for their employees to support them in social selling and increase the content’s reach.

In addition, Smarp analytics makes it easy to track how shared content is performing and to identify what kind of content gathers traction among the advocates and their networks. This provides valuable feedback for content creation and program management. According to Titta Nummi, DNA’s Customer Marketing Manager and one of DNA’s Smarp admins, the main advantage of Smarp is that the platform is very easy to use and that the advocates can rest assured of what type of content they can share, as all content available on the platform is meant for sharing.