The Challenge:

The era of social media sets new challenges to the advertising & communications industry.  The need to build a lasting relationship with customers hasn’t disappeared, but the methods have changed drastically. Traditional means have become insufficient, as customers have adapted to a  24/7 mode, when adopting digital channels.

BBDO employees are experts in their field, and the company produces loads of quality content. But regardless of this, the company was not utilizing the opportunity to nurture their customer relations with the resources they had. Sometimes customers were not even aware of the content the company had created.

The Solution:

A year ago BBDO decided that things needed to change.  The company wanted to share their expertise more widely, profile their employees as experts in marketing and advertising, and above all, strengthen the relationship with their customers.  The company wanted to humanize the BBDO brand and make it more approachable.

BBDO knew Employee Advocacy would be the perfect tool to make all this happen. Hence, the company decided to include Employee Advocacy in their marketing strategy and kicked off the ambassador program.