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What is Smarp all about?

Smarp is a new and awesome way for you guys to follow celebrities. You want to know where celebrities are today, if some stars are near you right now or what restaurants famous people go to? Smarp is there for you and answer all those questions. At Smarp, you will receive the best answer to all your questions about celebrities and their whereabouts.

Just type in, click or select the name of a celebrity and you will see where they have been seen last and all their sightings as well as their latest pictures and info. You can also choose any location or venue and see what celebrities have been seen there or in the area or filter all the sightings by venue category: restaurants, bars, clubs, shopping, etc. Pretty cool, no?

Smarp follows over 30,000 celebrities all over the world and reports about 1,000 sightings on a daily basis which is 25 more than other sightings services. And if you like any celebrity or specific sighting, it’s easy to share that with your Facebook friends and Twitter followers.

You can access Smarp on the web at or as an iPhone app on iTunes store. You can also follow us on Twitter at @SmarpNews.

Okay but how does it work?

Smarp relies on the millions of tweets written all over the world by people like you who bump into a celebrity in the street, at an airport, restaurant… and find it exciting enough to share it with the world. What we do is streaming real time over 3 millions of tweets to automatically analyze them and detect celebrity sightings and determine the location of that celebrity. While other sightings services rely on a handful of ‘spotters’, Smarp leverages millions of people just like you.

It is pretty simple to say but trust us, it is actually quite difficult to execute so our algorithms still get it wrong too often but we are continuously working to improve their accuracy and correct our mistakes. One thing is unfortunately quite certain: Smarp doesn't have much sense of humor or doesn't get irony at all!!! So be indulgent with us and don't hesitate to flag erroneous sightings.

And who is behind Smarp?

Smarp is operated by Xigua Mobile, Inc. and is based in New York City. We are a small team of mobile and web engineers and professionals passionate about real time search and LBS. We are convinced that combining crowd sourcing technologies with text based analysis and geo- tagging techniques is the best way to answers the ten of millions of daily searches about celebrity locations, generate meaningful content and build a platform where people can share and discuss such information.

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If you have any questions please contact us at the following addresses:

Xigua Mobile ,Inc.
244 Fifth Avenue, Suite 2371
New York, NY 10001

Follow us on Twitter at @SmarpNews