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Smarp helps employees improve their thought leadership, build their networks, and be more successful in what they do by making it easy for them to discover, share and measure the impact of great content. When empowered to act as brand ambassadors on social media, employees can share valuable content to their networks and build their professional brand all while increasing the company’s reach and credibility by generating meaningful conversations about the business. Smarp is ideal for improving employee engagement, reaching more people, hiring better talent, and increasing sales.

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How does Smarp work...

How Smarp Works - Discover Content

1. Discover

Smarp is the perfect way to discover professional content:
  • Stay on top of the latest news about your company and the hottest industry trends
  • Filter content to your liking and read the most interesting posts for you
  • Have the content find you with email notifications and download the mobile app to receive push notifications about the latest stories on the go
How Smarp Works - Share Content

2. Share

All content on Smarp is meant for external sharing so you can rest assured you are not sharing confidential information.
  • Share the posts you want to social media networks of your choice
  • Increase your thought leadership status and become the go-to-person in your area of expertise
How smarpshare works for employees 1

3. Get recognition

Gamification and the quantified self are the talk of the day. By sharing content, generating engagement, and finding content for your colleagues to share, you collect points. With the points you can:
  • Compete with your colleagues
  • Donate money to charities or claim  small rewards
How Smarp Works for Managers - Create Post

1. Curate

Believe it or not, there is a lot of content about your company and industry your employees would like to share. Smarp is the perfect destination for all professional content for your employees to discover and share. Furthermore, you can involve your employees in finding good content for their colleagues to share to take some weight off your shoulders.
How Smarp Works for Managers - Distribute Content

2. Distribute

Adding content to Smarp is super easy while the automatic emails and mobile push notifications make sure your employees will not skip a beat on the go. Getting your employees to share on social medias has never been this simple.
How Smarp Works for Managers - Measure

3. Measure

Smarp gives you accurate, actionable insights about your employees’ sharing activity. The deep analytics will help you identify the most influential people inside your organization and help you showcase the earned media value and increased return on content marketing investments to your management.

What is Employee Advocacy?

Employee Advocacy is about helping employees to grow their professional brand by empowering them to participate in discovering, sharing and measuring the impact great content has on their networks.

Employees have extensive networks of friends, followers, and connections on social media, and nowadays they can be reached and influenced with the click of a button. In other words, employee advocacy is word of mouth marketing brought to the digital age.

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What our clients say

“Smarp is very intuitive and easy to use. One of the best features is that the platform recognizes individual users by providing feedback on how their content performs. Since we started using Smarp, our people have become more active on social media and they quickly branded themselves as experts in our field. We find that audiences prefer messages from actual people. Our Employee Advocacy program correlates directly with increased web traffic and leads.”

“PwC’s business depends on people. Hence, we want to attract the best talent in the industry. To do that, we need to make sure we have the best employer brand in the industry and spread the word efficiently. Smarp has increased our reach remarkably. We have been able to exceed the reach of our corporate social media channels.”

“In a connected world, social media plays an ever-increasing role in helping companies do business. Smarp makes it easy for people to share high-quality content, raising awareness of the Wilmington brand and driving traffic to our websites. In turn, this boosts employees’ profiles across their social networks, helping them achieve their personal and business objectives. Everyone benefits – the individual employee, the company and the client.”

“Smarp has outperformed any paid advertising campaign for EY Nordics, making EY and its messages appear more personal for the audiences. I believe it’s the people that make the difference! A message from an employee is more trustworthy than one coming from a company. EY’s business is people business, and with employee advocacy even a large organization can add a human touch to its communications.”

“Using Smarp is very simple and easy. The results of our employee advocacy initiative have been really promising. In comparison, the results achieved with Smarp have outperformed the results of simultaneously run paid Twitter ad campaigns. I find Smarp especially beneficial in cases where campaign objectives are well pre-defined.”


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